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About Sand Plum Scoot 2023

When you race, a child wins.

Young girl with braids standing in a field looking off into the distance.


When you race, a child wins.



Run for a child who can’t – a child who can’t run from abuse, who can’t run from abandonment and who can run from poverty and who can’t run from homelessness. 


Every day in Northwest Oklahoma, at least one case of child neglect or abuse is substantiated by authorities. Every year in Oklahoma, 23 out of every 100,000 young adults under 25 resorts to suicide.


Western Plains Youth and Family Services provides critically needed services for the most vulnerable in our region of the state. Western Plains Youth and Family Services is a charity that is only partially supported by some state program reimbursements. Otherwise, this valuable program depends on private fund donations to make ends meet and provide children and young adults with critical needs at a time when they are most at risk.


A portion of the total proceeds of the Sand Plum Scoot will go directly to this important organization to defray the costs of emergency housing, feeding, providing therapy, diversion services, as well as family counseling.



Deadline *EXTENDED* sign up: September 15th, 2023 by 5pm.

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